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Scandium Evaporation Materials

VD0598 Aluminum Scandium Evaporation Materials, Al/Sc

Lanthanum scandium oxide sputtering targets are available in various forms, purities, sizes, and prices. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is capable of supplying custom sputtering materials per any specs/drawings you provide to us.

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Aluminum Scandium Evaporation Materials Description

Aluminum scandium evaporation material from Stanford Advanced Materials is an alloy evaporation material containing Al and Sc. Aluminum scandium alloy is also called scandium-containing aluminum alloy. It is much stronger than other high-strength alloys, exhibiting significant grain refinement, strengthening welds, and eliminating hot cracks in the weld.

Aluminum Scandium Evaporation Materials Specifications

Property Description
Material Aluminum Scandium Alloy Evaporation Material
Composition Typically Aluminum (Al) and Scandium (Sc)
Purity High purity, often 99.9% or higher
Form Pellets, granules, or custom shapes
Melting Point Depends on the specific alloy composition
Evaporation Method Thermal or electron beam evaporation
Substrate Compatibility Silicon, glass, metals, and other materials

Aluminum Scandium Evaporation Materials Application

• Used in deposition processes including semiconductor deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and physical vapor deposition (PVD)
• Used for optics including wear protection, decorative coatings, and displays.

Aluminum Scandium Evaporation Materials Packaging

Our aluminum scandium evaporation materials are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


Catalog No.



Aluminum Scandium (Al/Sc)


99.9% ~ 99.95%


Powder/ Granule/ Custom-made


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