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Scandium Compounds & Catalysts

NA1077 Scandium Nitrate (Sc (NO3)3·H2O)

SAM offers high-quality Magnesium – Scandium (Mg-Sc) Master Alloy with different ratios at competitive prices. Magnesium Scandium Master Alloy is made from melted Magnesium and Scandium Metal. The common alloy is MgSc2, MgSc5, MgSc10, MgSc20 and MgSc30.

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Scandium Nitrate (SC(NO3)3·xH2O) Description

Scandium Nitrate forms a natural crystalline aggregate. It is soluble in water. Scandium Nitrate can be used in optical coatings, catalysts, electronic ceramics, and the laser industry. Scandium Nitrate is applied in optical coating, catalyst, electronic ceramics, and laser industries are also an excellent precursor for the production of ultra-high purity compounds, catalysts, and nanoscale materials. According to new research, it can also be used as a crystal dopant.

SAM Scandium Nitrate Specification

Item No.



Lot Size


Scandium Nitrate
TREO: > 40%


100 g
500 g
1,000 g


Scandium Nitrate
TREO: > 40%


100 g
500 g
1,000 g

Scandium Nitrate Application

Scandium-Aluminum Alloys: Scandium nitrate is used as a precursor in the production of scandium-aluminum alloys. These alloys are known for their lightweight and high-strength properties and are used in aerospace, sports equipment, and other applications where lightweight and strong materials are required.

Catalysis: Scandium compounds, including scandium nitrate, are studied for their catalytic properties in chemical reactions. They can be used as catalysts or co-catalysts in various organic transformations and industrial processes.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs): Scandium nitrate is used to produce scandia-stabilized zirconia (ScSZ) electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells. ScSZ is used as an electrolyte in these high-temperature fuel cells, which efficiently convert chemical energy into electricity.

Nuclear Reactors: Scandium nitrate has been investigated for potential use as a burnable neutron poison in nuclear reactors. It helps regulate the reactor’s neutron flux and enhances safety by controlling the reactor’s reactivity.

Materials Science: Scandium nitrate is utilized in materials science research and development for its unique properties. It can be incorporated into various materials to study their behavior and characteristics.

Electrolytes and Ionic Conductors: Scandium-doped materials, including scandium-doped nitrate compounds, are studied for their use as solid-state electrolytes and ionic conductors in advanced energy storage devices and batteries.

Rare Earth Extraction: Scandium nitrate can be employed in the purification and extraction of rare earth elements, including scandium, from ores and industrial materials.

Scandium Metal Production: Scandium nitrate is used in some processes for the production of pure scandium metal. It serves as an intermediate compound in the extraction and refining of scandium.

Pharmaceuticals: Scandium compounds, including scandium nitrate, have been explored for potential pharmaceutical applications, such as in drug delivery systems and as contrast agents in medical imaging.

Chemical Research: Scandium nitrate is used in various chemical research applications, including analytical chemistry and the synthesis of new compounds.

Scandium Nitrate Packaging

Our Scandium Nitrates are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


Catalog No.



99.9% & 99.99%



Product Name

Magnesium (Mg) – Scandium (Sc) Master Alloy/ Mg-Sc


Mg-2Sc, Mg-5Sc, Mg-10Sc, Mg-20Sc, Mg-30Sc, Customized


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